5 Best Online Income Opportunities for You

5 Best Online Income Opportunities

If you’re interested in the best online income opportunities, then you’re going to want to avoid getting involved with the get paid to industry. That’s where you’ll get a whopping 1 – 5 cents for clicking on people adverts and staying on the page for 30 seconds.

Getting paid to do surveys, can take you as long as an hour per survey, for a couple of hundred points. Some services you need thousands of points, only to claim about 5 bucks in rewards. These are jobs you can do for a little extra cash each month, but they aren’t the best online income opportunities that are available.

Before getting into the crème de la crème of making money online, you need to understand that due to the revenue potential there is from running an online business. You are going to need to operate as a business.

That means you may need sound financial advice to get set up as your own company, so you can work legally from home, and pay your appropriate taxes.

If you’re only interested in some extra cash, then surveys get paid to click schemes or even selling the odd item here and there on eBay can get you some extra money for your pocket.

This post isn’t about that though, as it’s about showing the lucrative home business models that offer you only the best online income opportunities.

Best Online Income OpportunitiesThe 5 Best Online Income Opportunities


1) Affiliate Marketing

This business model does take longer to get things to a profitable level, as there’s a ton of marketing required to generate buzz about your site. This isn’t just about putting a website online, generating traffic, and selling products on behalf of merchants.

To get the best conversions in this sector, you need to build your expertise in the niche market you’re involved with. That’s going to need you to communicate and network with others in the same and/or similar fields, in order to make people aware of your website, and build trust with them.

Affiliates who achieve the highest conversion rates, have a great deal of trust from the people they’re connected with in their field.

5 Best Online Income Opportunities for You


Best Online Income Opportunities - Provide a Service2) Provide a service

This is the fastest way to start earning a living from home. Offering services to business owners. For many website owners the tasks involved in running their website becomes unmanageable on their own.

That’s when they’ll look to outsource some of their tasks to others, who can help them achieve their goals to continue operating their own website.

Some services that are often outsourced include…

  • Writing blog posts
  • Copywriting of sales pages
  • Video Production
  • Web Design and Development
  • Search Marketing (PPC)
  • Customer support

Those are just a few of the services you can offer. You can do this either through your own website, or by aligning yourself on some freelance platforms.

A few places that are considered the best for freelancers to find work

  • Elance
  • oDesk
  • Freelancer

Working solely with one platform can see can build a great portfolio and placing your services in demand. However when you first start out, you’ll be faster to hook up with all the major freelancing platforms, to get your services noticed by potential clientele.

The only thing you need here is competency in the service you plan to offer, as well as great customer service, to generate repeat clients.


5 Best Online Income Opportunities - Consulting3) Consulting  

For those of you with a specialist knowledge of any field, there’s opportunity for you to become a consultant in that field.

Consultancy ideas

  • Business coaching
  • Financial advising
  • Personal development
  • Hypnosis
  • Life Coaching

Having specialist knowledge of any sector, gives you opportunity to offer a coaching service and build your own client base.


5 Best Online Income Opportunities - Advertising4) Advertising

This is a form of information publishing and you will need to publish a ton of information in order to generate a decent income from this business model. Since you’re going to need tons of information to publish on your website, you’re best to again go into something that you have vast knowledge on the subject.

In essence, your target audience will be yourself. You’ll be writing information based on one subject matter that you’re knowledgeable on.

The other way you can go about running a profitable advertising website, is to use other writers who are specialists in different fields. You could hire a writer with an extensive knowledge in finance, publishing the information on a website focusing solely on that topic.

Another website could be focusing on skin care, where you could have a writer with extensive knowledge in that industry.

Those are the ways to get into the advertising business model, should you feel that you don’t have sufficient knowledge to publish reputable information on certain topics. Whatever you do know about though, you can start out with that subject, display advertisements to generate revenue. You can then use those profits, to outsource content creation to writers with a specialist knowledge in other fields.

That would be the best to scale up your business, should you solely focus on advertising.


5 Best Online Income Opportunities - eBook publishing5) eBook publishing

There’s a huge market for digital publishing, as readers don’t require storage space for a book collection. Instead, people are able to use their smart phones, Androids, Tablets and Kindle readers, to store thousands of books electronically.

This is one of the best online income opportunities for aspiring authors, without the budget required to be published in paperback.

As an eBook publisher, you’ll be self-publishing and able to write about absolutely anything of interest to you. That can be fictional or non-fiction writing.

Quick recap of the 5 best online income opportunities

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Service providing
  3. Consulting – Finance/Legal/Hypnosis/Computer
  4. Advertising
  5. eBook publishing

Any of the above business models are profitable business ventures, and there’s no need to stick to one model only. You can tie in a number of ventures to maximize your income opportunities.

I’ve listed Affiliate Marketing first because this is widely recognised as the best and probably quickest route for beginners to start earning an income online. To find out more about Affiliate Marketing you can read my article on the subject here. Or if you already understand the concept but want to get all the tools, training, support and guidance you will ever need, at no cost to you at all, I recommend that you head over to the very excellent Wealthy Affiliate University, where you can join for free and on joining are given two free websites, free hosting for those sites and a whole bag of video and written tutorials that will ensure you will have you’re first website up and running within a week!

Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate or

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If you have experience with online marketing, good or bad or just have questions I would love to about it. Please leave me a comment below.


  1. justin says:

    I would be greatly appreciative of some advice about choosing the best free system for online income

    Thank you for your help.

    1. Greg Greg says:

      Hi Justin,
      I would recommend you follow this link: http://goo.gl/96zHi
      This is part of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification which is a 10-lesson course that will walk you through all the steps of creating a successful revenue generating online business.

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      Once you join, (you will only need to give your name and email address, no credit card needed!!) be sure to drop me a message, I am also using this platform and login most days. Once you hook up with me I will be available to help you get started.

      Thanks for your interest in my site, I hope to chat with you soon


  2. Hi Greg, this an excellent article, thank you so much for such a valuable information. I did’nt know much about ebook publishing so thank you for enlightening me in this area. Great site with great content:)

    1. Greg Greg says:

      Hey Anjum, you’re very welcome, that’s the whole point of my website…to help people who are trying to break into internet marketing but don’t really know what or how to do it.
      One cool way to compile an ebook is that once you have a website with some valuable content you can use snippets of some of the content on your site to write an ebook, then add links back to the relevant pages on your website so people can visit your site if they need further clarification on a given subject.
      Then once published you can sell or even give your ebook away…this is a great way to boost traffic to your site!
      I’m glad you enjoyed visiting my site, please keep dropping by I will be continually updating this site with more valuable stuff as I find it!

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