Earning a Legit Online Income

Earning a Legit Online IncomeThe Best Model for Earning a Legit Online Income


If you’re one of the many thousands of people looking to earn a legit online income, you’ll have to navigate the web carefully. With 99% of online wealth programs being high on hype and low on quality, you could find yourself spending a fortune on programs, which don’t deliver on the promises claimed.

It’s estimated that among the many programs, courses and member training services, that only 1% of all training will actually cover what you need to know to earn a legitimate income from the net.

Just to be sure you know…to earn legitimate money, means working and not taking advantage of the other thousands of people, looking to do the same as you and take a slice of the profits from the mammoth money being spent online.

People buy everything online. They’re shopping for TVs, vacuum cleaners, supplies for their pets etc. That’s on the tangible side of the business. On the services side, you have businesses spending money to have part of their marketing covered, with many seeking the services of web designers just to get them online. Then you’ve the marketing of those websites, which are often outsourced to local marketing services. On the digital side to working online, you have self-publishing and selling your own digital products. Books, podcasts, videos, and graphics.


Earning a Legit Online IncomeHow much can you earn?


The claims that most training programs make is that there’s unlimited potential to earn a legit online income. The keyword there is potential. There are no guarantees that you’ll ever make anything.

To make enough earnings online, you need to operate at a business level. Not on a mindset that you’ve a spare room, or a laptop that you can use for a couple of hours a day, to generate some extra cash.

A couple of hours a day is enough time commitment to complete maybe a couple of surveys, getting you a few bucks, at most. Or you can sit and click some ads on “get paid to” websites, and make a few bucks that way. At tops, you could earn a staggering extra 10 – 20 bucks in a week.

It’s not going to be life changing sums of money.


How to earn a legit online income with a revenue that will change your life


Earning a Legit Online IncomeThe only way to do this is to get on your entrepreneurial mindset. Real wealth comes from hard work, dedication, learning, testing, tweaking, and delivering on service to your customers.

For a truly scalable way of doing that, without having the 6 figure overheads to cover stock inventory storage, you’ll want to get into the affiliate industry. You can sell in volume without dealing with the stock.

Note though that just because you aren’t going to be selling your own products, you are going to be recommending them. When one of your customers purchase something and are delighted that you told them about it, they’ll come back to you repeatedly.

The real money is made with loyal customers and not by selling to fly by traffic.

Fly by traffic is people finding your website for the first time, reading a bit, clicking a link and on the occasion – buying stuff

That’s not a reliable way to approach this as a business. You need to get into a market and connect with the people interested in what you have to offer. That means learning about marketing online.

Getting yourself onto forums and establishing a relationship with the communities.

Connecting with blog owners by commenting and eventually contributing your thoughts through guest posting

Publishing on smaller websites regularly to share your knowledge and brand your website

Posting frequently to your FaceBook page, tweeting and pinning on Pinterest

The other way you can get yourself separated as an expert in your niche is to learn about rich snippets.

Have you ever run a search and found that there are star ratings in your search results? If you have, then you’ll know it sticks out like a sore thumb from the other listings that don’t have those.

You can use this when you hook into Google Plus, as those stars are generated because you’ll be verifying that you’re the original author of that content, and it will be linked into your authorship profile.

That’s how you get those stars in the search engine, giving you almost instant credibility.

It’s one of the best ways to get more people following along with your publications, joining your G+ circles, following you on FaceBook and most importantly, getting themselves onto your mailing list.

The above is just touching on the best way to earn a legit online income, using the affiliate marketing business model, as it’s the one of the rare few that really does have unlimited potential.

Have you had success with this business model? I’d love to hear about it, leave me a comment below.

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