Swagbucks Review – Is Swagbucks A Scam or Legit?

Swagbucks Review - Is Swagbucks A Scam Or Legit

Swagbucks Review:

Overall Rating: 77 out of 100

Name: Swagbucks.com

Cost: FREE

Owners: Eron Zehavi, Ron Leshem, Josef Gorowitz, Scott Dudelson

Website: swagbucks.com


Swagbucks – Is It A Scam?

You probably arrived this page because you were searching “swagbucks scam” or similar and well done you for doing your due diligence before diving into the unknown! What Swagbucks actually is is a rewards program with several methods of earning rewards (aka swagbucks) including using their search engine (similar to Yahoo or Google) where the rewards vary with each search made.

The Good & the Bad
The Good:
  • %100 FREE to use
  • Wide range of rewards
  • Easy to use interface
  • Several ways to earn rewards
  • Multiple ways to cash out rewards including paypal (nb 2500 SB minimum)
  • Getting paid for what you’re already doing
  • mobile browsing for smartphones now enabled
  • Instant 30 SB on joining
The Bad:
  • The search results are not as effective or targeted as using google
  • The search doesn’t always award  SB’s
  • Slow to build up a useable amount of SB’s
  • A minimum of 2500 Swagbucks are needed for a withdrawal to paypal
  • It can take up to 2 months before your SB show up in your paypal account
Swagbucks Review
Who can use Swagbucks

Swagbucks can be used by anyone who is using a computer and wishes to earn rewards for their time online. Just remember, you are not going to get rich very quickly but just by switching to the SB search engine you can realistically earn $10-$20 a month for no extra work

Tools & Training

The Swagbucks interface is intuitive and easy to use with detailed tutorials and videos explaining the many rewards programs available. They also offer an app for easy download to smartphones or tablets.


Along with the support that can be found on the SB social media pages, there is also a help centre with a list of FAQ’s where you can also email enquiries.


There is no cost to join or use Swagbucks

In Conlusion

Swagbucks is a search engine and rewards program rolled into one, and as long as you realise that you’re not going to get rich from this, it is a perfectly useable way to earn some extra money.

Swagbucks Review - ChartOverall Rating: 77 out of 100

Name: Swagbucks.com

Cost: FREE

Owners: Eron Zehavi, Ron Leshem, Josef Gorowitz, Scott Dudelson

Website: swagbucks.com


If you have had any experiences using Swagbucks, or questions about our swagbucks review, whether good or bad I would love to here about them, please leave your comments below.


  1. Chip Paulson says:

    I took a real crack at this a few years back. Frankly, It`s a waste of time of effort that could be put to use on much better things(like actually building an online business). An interesting business model all the same.

    1. Greg Greg says:

      Well yes the rewards are a little meagre, but you can make a small amount just by using their search engine instead of say google or bing!
      Thanks for your input Chip, I’m always glad to hear other people’s opinions,be they good or bad!

  2. Kyle says:

    The things people will do for money are strange. Swagbucks is no different as people tend to forget about what they are working for when they are doing meaningless tasks (like the ones within swagbucks).

    I have heard that the average hourly wage (you are not getting actual money, you are getting gift cards) earned from swagbucks is less than $2. People are much better off going and getting a job at a fast food joint than working for Swagbucks.

    OR better yet, apply this same sort of effort to your own online business. Anyone can achieve success, but if you trap yourself to doing nominal tasks that benefit others (as swagbucks gets you doing), you are going to end up working for, well, less than 2 bucks per hour!

    1. Greg Greg says:

      Hi Kyle, thanks for dropping by and for your valuable insights.

      I concur, the earnings with swagbucks are not great, but you are able to transfer the money into a paypal account if you have one, I think that’s a recent addition you might not be aware of. Just switching to and using the swagbucks search engine can earn you up to $25 a month.

      I also agree that the best way to achieving success is to start you’re own business and if that is what you’re looking to do you won’t go far wrong than checking out the Wealthy Affiliate University where you will be taken by the hand and shown how to build a website and business from the ground up and for absolutely no start up costs whatsoever, you’ll also be given two FREE Websites with free web hosting for your sites. You can head on over to my Wealthy Affiliate review where I detail how Wealthy Affiliate can help you start your own business!

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